What’s the Deal With Size 36 Ski Pants?

best patagonia women's down jackets
best patagonia women's down jackets

Sizing for ski pants can be confusing. As someone who has struggled to find the perfect fit for Patagonia women’s down jackets, I’m here to demystify women’s ski pant sizes so you can shred the slopes in comfort and style.

When looking at size charts, a woman’s size 36 typically corresponds to a waist measurement of 28-30 inches and a hip measurement of 38-40 inches.

However, ski pants are designed to fit over multiple layers, so the numbers don’t always match up to your typical jeans or dress size.

My Journey to the Perfect Fit

I’ll never forget my first time on the slopes in ill-fitting ski pants. After spending 15 minutes squeezing into a pair that was way too small, I could barely bend my knees to get down the bunny hill!

Let’s just say it was not a great experience.

best patagonia women's down jackets
best patagonia women’s down jackets

After that fiasco, I became determined to find a pair that fit me properly. Here are a few things I learned after trial and many errors:

● Size up! Ski pants are meant to fit over long underwear and other layers. Don’t get hung up on the size chart. Go at least one size up from your normal pants size.

● Prioritize comfort. Finding the right fit might require trying on a few different sizes and brands. Focus on mobility and comfort rather than the number on the tag.

● Beware the gaps. Make sure there aren’t any gaps between the waistband and your body. Gaps can let in snow and cold air.

● Test the boot fit. Sit down and bend your knees as if putting on ski boots. Your ski pants shouldn’t ride up or restrict movement.

Decoding the Size 36 in Popular Brands

While most size 36 ski pants should fit waists 28-30″, some brands do size differently. Here’s a quick guide to sizing for a few popular brands:

Patagonia: Runs small; size up 1-2 sizes

The North Face: Runs true to size

Columbia: Runs large; consider sizing down

Spyder: Runs small; size up 1-2 sizes

Obermeyer: Runs true to size

The best way to find your perfect fit is to reference the brand’s size chart and try the pants on in person.

Pay attention to measurements and don’t get hung up on standardized sizes, which vary across brands.

Dialing in the Right Fit

Finding properly fitted ski pants is essential for comfort and performance on the mountain.

Now that you know what to look for in a size 36 and how sizing differs across brands, you can confidently shop for a pair that allows you to ski and snowboard with ease.

While it may take some trial and error, the effort is worth it.

Trust me, you’ll be thankful when you’re cruising down black diamond runs in a pair of ski pants that move with you, not against you. Let me know if you have any other ski gear sizing questions! I’m happy to help.