What You Should Know About the Open Vs Closed MRI


When a doctor orders an MRI, you can feel a bit anxious about this test. It’s because MRI is a type of test that’s far away from anyone’s favorite activity. But, you don’t have any way to avoid this diagnosis process.

The MRI machines let a doctor identify whether you’re going to some fatal diseases like a tumor, cancer, and heart issues. The best thing about this MRI is that it helps a doctor to diagnose these issues in their early stages.

That means if you even have one of these issues or more, it’s possible to treat them and be well enough. It’s just possible because the issues come on the light at the very initial phase before they spread.

When it comes to open vs closed MRI, some more things to know about these two different types of MRI. Well, let’s know a bit more about them with the below topics.

Open MRI Vs Closed MRI

You probably don’t know that you can get some options while you’re going to MRIs. You already know that there are two different types of MRIs: open and closed MRI.

A doctor will prescribe you the suitable one depending on the preference and needs. This is why we’re going to share information about these two types of MRIs that will help you to identify which one is the most preferable for you.

Closed MRI

When you need to most accurate images of your inner parts of the body, it’s best to go with a closed MRI process. This traditional type of MRI machine is well equipped and is being used in medical practices for many decades.

In this process, you’ll have to lie on a table that was made with a pad. You’ll travel into a narrow and small tube where the machine will perform the essential tests. As this machine generates incredibly in depth images, it’s very functional medical tools.

This is why the machine is very essential for the most correct diagnoses. Apart from the unparalleled inner body images, the magnetic field of the machine also can produce images of fibrocartilage and anatomic structures.

Among the disadvantages, the major one is that many patients scare to go inside the tube of the machine.

Open MRI

When doctors found some issues and disadvantages of using the closed-MRI machine, engineers have made this open advanced MRI machine. This is a wide-bone type of MRI machine, which is much bigger than a closed MRI machine.

While performing an open MRI, it allows you an MRI in an open environment instead of a traditional or closed MRI capsule. If you use an open-bore MRI, nothing will enclose you on your sides.

It means that you’re almost free from any engaging surroundings. It’s because the components of the machine have set above you. So, you’re out of any issue like fixed hands or legs.

This is why it’s a very comfortable way of MRI that’s suitable for the patients who scare in the closed MRI.