Tips to Find the Marketplace for Selling Your Design


The marketplace will sell your created creative work, website design, logos, and so on. Many more websites are there. So you can choose from them. For expanding your brand, you can sell your ecommerce website design development projects and can make money as well.

Creative works like logo maker or 3D artist and on illustrator has demanded a lot. So, you need not have your privet website for selling your design. Now, it’s easy to publish the work on e-commerce websites.

By this, you can reach up to thousands of people. This auricle will support you to find your best option. So, take a look at the below tips before searching for an ecommerce design company for you.

Creative Market

The creative market spreads the information that they are loving and what they do for a living. Moreover, this marketplace has a vast network. The potential customer is around 5.9 piles. Besides, they are interested in purchasing your work.

Furthermore, marketplaces usually sell stock photos, WordPress themes, graphics, and other digital stuff. Creative markets sell their project and make huge money.

Envato Elements

This is also a market place and allows selling digital goods.  Moreover, those digital goods are photos or web templates, WordPress themes, fonts, graphics, and more digital products.

When people become successful, the company automatically becomes successful. The company believes this, and they share around 50% of revenue with the sellers and designers. The designer community runs the marketplace by selling their work.


The community runs the DesignCuts marketplace as well. They choose the sellers very selectively for their market. While visiting their site, you can see a quote. “We are creating the best-skilled marketplace, working with best designers, and we are extremely exclusive.”

 So, working in that market place is quite severe.  But if you can join them once you get potential customers as well. 


The oldest marketplace is YouWorkForThem. This is a marketplace that runs the best designers, and it’s a privately owned company. They know what’s suitable for designers. Many leading brands use them, such as Samsung, Amazon, Starbucks, Food Market, Coca-Cola, Nike, and many more.

However, the designers get 50/50 profits that sell stock art and fonts. On the other hand, they publish your design via social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, if you have around 80,000 audiences.


The largest marketplace is Etsy. You can get there handmade or concentration goods, clothing, jewelry. Also, you can get digital products like website design. Quickly you can sell the work here. But there will be colossal completion.

It offers an affordable price for your work. The lowest price is $0.20. Esty provides many tools. So, by using this, you can become a successful seller on their website within a short time.

Template Monster

Since 2002 Template has business. They are specialized in digital goods and templates offering. Though, you will find illustrations, fonts, CMS templates, plugin, and many more for selling and buying.

Moreover, every month the marketplace adds around 400 new items in every category. Besides, they are offering 24/7 support for buyers and sellers. If you face any difficulties for their support, it becomes smooth.