Tips for Buying the Best Daypack for Hiking


Dayhiking is convenient: take everything you need in a light pack and set out for the day. Choosing the appropriate daypack might appear difficult. Determining when, where, and how far you’ll trek — as well as how much gear you’ll bring — is the first step toward restricting your options.

Do you want to go light and minimalist? Or, do you want a lot of storage and various compartments and features? Should your daypack have made for sturdiness? Or, should it be light enough to hike easy trails?

Then there’s the matter of cost. After you’ve answered those questions, consider the following aspects while selecting a daypack. Therefore, before you look for the best place to buy a sleeping bag, let’s begin!


A daypack with a capacity of 16 to 22 liters offers ample room for most day hikes when you’ll be carrying extra layers of clothing, food, water, and a few incidentals (camera, first-aid kit, fishing pole).

Look for packs with 28-40 liters of space if you need to carry extra, especially in cold weather. A 12-liter pack is adequate for a brief trek in favorable weather.


The maximum weight limit of any pack has determined by its internal frame (if it has one) along with suspension (the shoulder straps and waist belt). Packs weighing less than 12 pounds often provide limited support and have designed to carry 10-12 pounds.

Packs come with a metal wireframe, a plastic frame sheet, and cushioned shoulder straps. And a waist belt may carry up to 15 or 20 pounds comfortably.


As with larger backpacks, the fit affects comfort, especially when carrying more weight. Youth models feature smaller, narrower suspensions.

Teens can frequently wear adult models, in which tiny daypacks built for 10 pounds or less frequently come in one size, although bigger daypacks frequently come in two or three sizes, as well as men’s and women’s models.

For Younger Scouts

If you’re between 8 and 12, choose the REI CO-OP TARN 18 PACK ($45, The design is suitable for a young hiker, with zippers to rapidly access the main compartment, a front pocket, a stretch front pocket, hip belt pockets, padding in the shoulder straps and hip belt, and a ventilation back pad.

A stretch pocket and external hooks have also included in the bag. The Tarn, at 18 liters, has enough room and organization for the best survival packs, water, food, a jacket, and perhaps a cherished action figure.

Bargain Buy

On a tight budget? The KELTY BSA 15L DAYPACK ($30, features a large capacity of 15 liters and two exterior pockets. The one unisex size covers torsos measuring 18-21 inches for taller youth.

It packs into its top pocket and is light enough to take hiking excursions for side treks. However, because it lacks a frame, belt, or sternum strap, consider its comfort limit to be well under 10 pounds, making it ideal for short trips. A stretch pocket and external hooks are also included in the bag.