Some Wine Terms & What They Actually Mean


The wine industry is enigmatic and enormous. The beautiful world of wine enthusiasts has made up of specialists, casual wine lovers, sangria sippers. “I don’t know, I just drink it,” folks.

Regardless of the sort of wine enthusiast you are, you have probably come across specific wine phrases that you don’t completely grasp. So, that’s OK.

But this can’t quite put your finger on what they mean. Therefore, before you look for engraved liquor bottles NYC, let’s know the terms and meanings.


If you hear the statement “That wine has aged,” you know you’re in for a treat. What is the significance of age? It simply signifies that the wine has spent a long time in a barrel. “Wine gets better with age,” as the saying goes.

Some wines do not age well, which means they deteriorate with time. A bitter wine has often softened by age. So, when red wine matures, it can develop a brick-like hue, whereas white wine darkens. And the older the wine is, the higher the price will be.


If you hear the term “The wine has corked,” it simply signifies that the wine has gone wrong. And you’ll generally be able to tell by the unpleasant odor or terrible taste. Corked wine has smelled like a wet dog, a damp towel, or rotten newspaper.

Isn’t that disgusting? So, if you ever get a corked wine at a restaurant, make sure you return it and get another. However, corks have their significance, which you may read about in our previous piece.


No, it does not imply fat. Instead, a full-bodied wine characterizes red wine and has distinguished by its mouth-coating solidity. The skins of grapes provide the majority of the taste. So, particular grapes have thicker and darker skins than others, giving some red wine a deeper hue than others. So, you can serve the red wine in personalised engraved wine glasses for your guests.


No, in his most recent music video, we’re not referring to how hot Justin Timberlake seemed. “Hot” has used to indicate the alcohol content of wine. It may describe as “hot.” So, a bitter wine has often softened by age. And the older the wine is, the higher the price will be.


It’s difficult to say. But a sommelier is essentially a wine specialist or a wine steward. This individual is a well-trained and educated wine specialist who typically works in fine restaurants. So, they know the wines you’ll like and how to combine them with meals.


Give me everything old, including wine, and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life. In the wine world, “vintage” refers to the year the grapes have harvested.

If a bottle of wine has the vintage printed on the label, it usually signifies that 95 percent of the grapes in that wine have harvested that year. So, if there is no vintage, it signifies that the wine has created from grapes harvested in different years.

In conclusion

There are plenty of other wine words that you may not be familiar with. And that’s OK. Bottom line: drink the wine, and you’ll soon find yourself utilizing some of these wine words to amazing your pals.