Some Pro Tips to Get the Prom Hair Style for You


Even if you don’t live in Hollywood, prom night is your red carpet moment. Your outfit, shoes, make-up, and hairstyle must all be flawless. Matrix’s prom hairstyle team offers these prom hairstyle tips for your perfect prom ‘do!

Therefore, before you look for professional hair care products, let’s know the information to get the prom hairstyle you dream of.

Get Ready

Properly preparing your prom hairstyle is akin to eating a healthy breakfast. It will give your updo or another hairstyle enough energy to last for several hours. To add volume and control texture, apply a styling product to damp hair.

It’s section by section, blow-dry with a round brush to smooth the ends and boost the roots. Then, using a curling iron or hot rollers, style your hair. Remove the clips, and don’t brush your hair out until it’s completely cool. So, you’re now ready for anything!

Accept the Dress

Choose a prom hairstyle that complements your outfit. Do you have a one-shoulder gown on? Choose a side pony or a bun (place it over the bare shoulder). Are you going out in a strapless dress? Scoop your hair up if you have a great neck; otherwise, create luscious waves and wear it down.

Consider “opposites”: if your dress is sleek, add some fun curly or wavy texture to your hair. Choose a smooth hairstyle if the fabric has texture. So, going back in time? Go for a ’50s bouffant, ’40s glam waves, or ’20s Gatsby finger waves.

Work With a Pony

All thumbs up? Consider the tried-and-true ponytail. This long hairstyle can dress up in a variety of ways! Mist dry strands with a setting spray for heat protection, body, and hold, then set hair with a two-inch iron.

When your curls are calm and firm, lift them high on your head. Make sure with an elastic band, and wrap a strand of hair around the elastic. So, mist a flexible hair spray on the tail, tease it with an oval styling brush, and you’re ready! A chic pony pouffe!

Smack a Pose

There will, without a doubt, be cameras. Also, there will be your mother, his mother, and your girlfriends. Make an effort to appear on Facebook in your best possible light. The key to achieving a picture-perfect look is to eliminate all traces of frizz.

This is nothing ruins a prom hairstyle faster. Because shine is essential, mist strands with a frizz-busting, shine-boosting formula. The goal is to find a prom hairstyle that makes you look and feel great.

Get a Modern Twist

Render your prom hairstyle your own by giving it a bit of a twist. First and foremost, it does not have to be perfect. So, don’t concern if a few tendrils float free from your prom updo here and there! When creating a curly prom hairstyle, experiment with the size and shape of your curls.

If you want waves, start three inches from the roots and leave the ends out. Use the best hair care products with a touchable hold.  One tiara may be one tiara too many. So, the goal is to find a prom hairstyle that makes you look and feel great.