Some Great Tips to Make Your Shoes Slip Resistant


We tend to be extra cautious while stepping outside in cold and rainy weather. It’s because we know we may slip or tumble at any time. This is especially if we are wearing shoes with a smooth sole.

Depending on how hard you fall, you may receive minor injuries. But in certain circumstances, you may sustain major injuries. That is why wearing non-slip shoes are so vital.

To avoid this, we’ve compiled a list of basic measures for making your shoe slip-resistant and keeping you standing. Therefore, before you look for high quality comfortable shoes, let’s know the tips.

Spend In Grip Pads

Grippy pads are a great method to make your shoes more slip-resistant. The pads have comprised of abrasive materials that provide a firm grip on slick surfaces.

They are available in practically any shoe store and may also order online. Stick them to the bottom of your shoes, and you’re set to go.

Scuff Your Shoes When Walking on Rough Surfaces

If you have purchased a new pair of shoes and realize that they are slick, scuff them on any rough surface. Put them on and walk on the areas of the shoes that are prone to slipping on uneven surfaces.

These include sand, gravel, or concrete. Make cautious not to overuse it since it can destroy your shoes.

Combine Some Glue & Sand

You may use sticky rubber glue and sand to improve the grip on your high quality leather boots or shoes. Mix these two ingredients and apply a thin coating to the bottoms of your shoes.

After using it, your shoes will have a stronger grip on ice, reducing the likelihood of sliding and injuring yourself. If you don’t have any sand nearby, some salt may use. For a better effect, use sea salt for a firmer grip.

Scatter on Some Hairspray

Everybody who uses hairspray understands how effective it is at keeping their hairdo in place. Surprisingly, it may use as a quick cure for slick shoes. The sticky ingredient will make your shoe skid-resistant for a short time.

If you decide to use hairspray on your shoes, keep in mind that you need to reapply every day. To achieve a better finish, look for hairsprays with a greater grip.

Utilize a Nail File

Rather than using a nail file to shape your nails, utilize it to roughen up your shoes. Feel the bottom of your shoes for smooth areas and use the file to toughen the area. Consider using a metal file to simplify things, as wooden ones tend to break more easily.

Do this in rapid and fluid strokes. This is to ensure that it has done correctly and that you do not destroy your shoes to the point where they are no longer wearable.

In conclusion

If you’re a painter or prefer to spruce up your home’s walls regularly, you’ve got some masking tape on hand. You had no idea it might use as a temporary remedy for slick shoes. Apply the video to the soles of your shoes, forming an X to cover the whole sole.