Quantity of Pizza You Should Order For 20 People


Do you want assistance deciding how many pizzas to order for your social group of 20 or more? It can be challenging to determine how much pizza to make for 20 people to satisfy everyone’s appetites and provide a nutritious meal. You like to ensure that there is enough to go around.

But, you also don’t want to have an extreme surplus that ends up going to waste. Fortunately, at our pizza catering company, we’re experts at determining the appropriate amount of food to order for a party or event.

Continue reading to find out the answer, as well as other helpful serving tips for large groups. So, before you look for the real Italian calzone, let’s start!

Find Out How Much Pizza to Order

We’ll have right on it and get back to you as soon as possible. You should order eight large pizzas for 20 adults. This may appear to be an arbitrary number.

But, there is a pizza ordering formula that can assist you in determining the appropriate amount. This is to order for any size group. When serving adults at a regular mealtime, it follows the rule of 3/8 pizza.

The rule assumes that a large pizza is cut into eight slices, and to calculate the amount of pizza for 20 people, multiply 20 x (3/8). Change the first number before completing the math if you solve the equation for a different size group.

Destination of the 3/8 Pizza Rule Discover

You could be wondering why you should multiply your group size by 3/8. The answer is relatively simple. When serving a large group, it’s reasonable to expect some people to consume more than others.

Some people may only eat one slice of pizza, while others may not eat at all. Others may be extremely hungry and finish three or more pizza pieces. Many people also like to search “where can I buy frozen calzones” besides pizza.

This 3/8 pizza rule assigns an average number of slices per person. It’s assuming that each person will eat three out of the eight slices in any given pie. This is with a generous margin for error.

The Rule’s Exceptions

Indeed, there are exceptions to the 3/8 pizza rule. This may influence how much pizza is required for 20 people at a specific event. For example, if some of your guests are children, it’s safe to assume that they won’t eat as much as adults.

After all, they have smaller stomachs. When adjusting for children at events, use the 2-slice rule and account for two pie slices per child. Maintain the 3-slice rule for adults, and add the two numbers of pieces before dividing by 8.

Next, consider the time of day your event or party will be held, and what the guests will do immediately before and after it.

Ordering Pizzas for the Next Event

If you need to feed a large group of people at a party, large meeting, or another event, pizza is the way to go. In addition to our beloved pies, we offer vegetarian options, menu items for meat lovers, salads, subs, pasta, and much more.

There’s something on the list for everyone! We also have desserts, soft drinks, and all the plates and utensils you’ll need for the entire serving package.