How to Find the Best Price When Shopping?


When shopping getting the best bang for our hard-earned buck is a must. Nowadays with the advent of shopping online, we have the luxury of buying things from our home. Finding the best price and deals for the product you want to buy might be a bit confusing with all the e-commerce shops and business available on the internet. Here I will list a few ways to find and get the best pricing on what you want to buy.

Search and Shop on The Right Browser

Sometimes the price you see is dependent on what browser you use. This is because many retailers use dynamic pricing to set their price. This means that if you are using a mac to do shopping the retailer will automatically think that you have more expendable income than others. This is why using Chrome or Firefox for shopping is best. Research suggests that if you use Safari or Internet Explorer to do your shopping you may be shown a higher price. The best option though is a mobile phone. When you shop on a mobile device you get a lesser price list as well as the comfort of shopping from anywhere.

Incognito Shopping

A recent Wall Street Journal study revealed that many companies jack up prices for zip codes with a high income. It also showed that prices may go up in rural areas where there is less competition or if you are a repeated user. This can be done because browsers can track your approximate location through your IP(Internet Protocol) Address and they also use your shopping patterns and preferences through cookies.

Don’t get me wrong, cookies are great things. They allow us to get the content we love delivered faster. But in this scenario, they may be the reason behind you paying extra. This is why I suggest you use the incognito mode when shopping.

Opening an incognito tab or window is easy, you can just go to settings and find the incognito option there in the browser.

Another way to get the best possible price when shopping is to use non-data storing search engines like DuckDuckGo. This type of search engine is amazing. You can set this up as your alternative search bar within the browser. Trust me this really works, try using DuckDuckGo and see for yourself.

You can also clear cookies and browsing history to get a better price. You can just go to settings of your browser and then find the clear cookies and history option and clear it. Remember that cookies help us in our internet experience so you shouldn’t remove all the cookies and browsing history. Just removing the ones from the shopping sites will ensure you get the best price. A simple trick is to use the regular browser to shop around and then use the incognito mode on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to make your final purchase.

Shop by Price Comparison

There are amazing websites and tools available for you to search and find the best price for the product you want. With these websites, you get to look for the best deals and price for a specific product and compare them to different offers from different sellers. There are Chrome and Firefox add-ons as well that let you track prices across sellers. If you are searching on Amazon and eBay then you might want to check out Ebates, ScopePrice, and CamelCamelCamel.

Look for Discounts, Coupons, Cash rewards

The competition to get your attention online is very stiff. This is why many price comparison sites in the USA offer special discounts and coupons many even offer Cash rewards and Cashbacks. Check them out before you make a final purchase as you might get big-time discounts.

Finalize Your Purchase Through Product Comparison Sites

There you go, these are my tips for shopping online for the best price. Doing everything here will make sure that you get a more knocked down price for your product. Product Price comparison here is key to you finding the best deals so make sure you compare and then buy. Making an informed purchase is assurance that you are getting the best bang for your buck!