How to Deep Clean Your House


A proper cleaning routine for your living space is integral for your physical health and wellbeing. Not only that, a thorough deep clean should be part of the maintenance process of your property. Here is a step by step guide for achieving a spotless home:

The start of spring not only represents new beginnings, but also calls for a thorough spring clean. Cleaning your house doesn’t have to take days, or weeks, it is quite achievable if you spend your time wisely. Before starting keep these things in mind.

  1. To save time, and make sure that you don’t miss anything out, we recommend jotting down a brief checklist.
  2. Focus on those hard to reach areas that you normally wouldn’t tackle.
  3. Declutter and then deep clean! This involves moving heavy furniture items as well to sweep and mop the floors.

Let’s start with a thorough deep clean routine for every room.

In The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your safe haven. It’s the room you use the most after a long day to wind down and relax so take your extra time to clean here:

  1. Start with your bed and linens. We recommend changing the sheets and pillow cases every 10 days to eliminate the buildup of bacteria and dust.
  2. Curtains are often neglected during a normal clean up routine, but be sure to change and wash your curtains and dust your blinds. If your curtains are light weight, you could just throw them in your washing machine with regular washing detergent.
  3. Don’t just leave your floors unattended. Vacuuming or dry mopping them should be a regular part of your deep clean routine.
  4. Wipe down every surface of your bedroom, this goes for the doors, your closet, your dressing table area and your bed frame.

In The Kitchen

  1. Usually people generally wipe down their kitchen surfaces and wash the sinks on a regular basis, so it’s best to target cabinets and appliances during your deep clean session.
  2. If you don’t do this already, wash and disinfect your sink area. Wipe down the sink faucets and the sink area. Don’t keep it damp.
  3. Next is the fridge. Declutter and remove spoiled and near expiry food items that you haven’t touched in the past few weeks. Wipe and disinfect the individual compartments.
  4. Sweep and dry mop the kitchen floors.
  5. Use warm water mixed with a good dish washing liquid to wipe down your stove tops.

Kitchen is a tricky place to clean, so it’s better to use a one time cleaning service to do all this for you at a reasonable price.

In The Bathroom

  1. First of all target your shower area or bath tub. Deodorize and remove molds using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Let is set for 15 minutes, wash, rinse and disinfect accordingly.
  2. Next, wipe down the sinks, cabinets and other ceramic or glass counter tops.
  3. Your next stop is the toilet, for which we recommend a strong bathroom cleaner to deodorize and disinfect.
  4. Clean the tile surface of the bathroom with a good bathroom cleaner and scrubber to get rid of molds and mildew buildup.
  5. Throw the bath mats and shower curtains in the washer for a quick wash.

Here you go! By using our comprehensive deep clean guide, you can achieve a spotless house within no time. You can also use a onetime restaurant cleaning services if you are busy or have some other stuff to handle.