Highest Rated Commercial Painting Contractors in NYC in 2020


Painting a house and painting a commercial building are two different things. Lots of people work in both these areas. And in a city like New York, there are thousands of commercial painting contractors. It seems overwhelming. We will tell you about 3 highest-rated commercial painting contractors that you can hire in 2020.

Rios Interiors Corp.

Rios is one of the most prominent interior painting and remodeling companies in New York. Started as a joint venture between a father and a son, this company has come a long way to become a household name for painting. They offer residential painting, commercial painting, interior design, marble restoration, etc. Their staff is fully licensed and EPA certified.

They paint Industrial, Retail, Healthcare, School, etc. As they are very experienced, they are quite cost-effective and they finish their job on time. You can get a free estimate from their website.

Precision Painting Plus

Founded in 2006, Precision Painting Plus is a privately held painting and remodeling company that serves all areas of New York. They offer a wide variety of services including commercial faux painting, commercial tiling, commercial interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal, installation, staining, flooring, carpentry, etc. They work for both residential and commercial customers.

With 20 years of experience, they strive to offer the best quality of their work at the lowest possible price. Customers are always their top priority and they always look for 100% customer satisfaction. They are a BBB, OSHA, and EPA certified company which has won multiple awards. They have staff who is highly trained. Their staff gets examined daily because they want to give their customers the best contractors. You can get a free estimate from them in no more than 24 hours.

Alpine Painting

Alpine Painting has been in business in New York for over three decades now. With this much experience, they are very popular among the New Yorkers. Their service is available throughout the New York Metropolitan area, all 5 boroughs of New York City, and Staten Island. They have provided interior and exterior painting services to state organizations, local businesses, big corporations, and households.

The range of services they offer is too many to name. Antimicrobial paint and coatings, electrostatic painting, industrial flooring systems, lobby, and hallway painting & renovations, commercial cleaning, sandblasting, wallpaper and wallcovering services, etc. are some of the lots. They know that you need to have the right painter so that he or she can work intently with you and make sure your every painting need is fulfilled. They are EPA certified and accredited by SSPC, and PDCA. They claim to finish their work in the shortest possible time.


We hope that your search for commercial painting contractors AKA interior renovation company in New York is finished after reading this article. All of the companies here are very qualified and they have been doing this for years. They won’t let you down.