Most people are interested in having their website developed but they don’t know a thing about it. However, thanks to internet, best ecommerce website design company and pop culture, they have heard the term ‘CMS’.

CMS stands for ‘content management system’. It is a computer application which manages digital content.

Why CMS?

There was a time when CMS were not invented and people used to hardcode websites from scratch. With the invention of content management systems, web design firm have taken digital marketing to another level.

Let’s look at pros and cons of CMS:


1. Editing Separate from Designing

Gone are the days when web design firm were confused about putting lines to code and putting lines to edit content. Thanks to CMS, both of these are now separate fields and digital marketing agencies have more control over data flow and marketing strategies.

The separation of content editing from web designing also helps nontechnical people in addition, edition and formation of content. This means that even if you don’t know technical coding, you will still be able to modify the content of your website.

2. Selective Permissions

Most businesses have lots of content to write and as a business owner, you simply can’t grant master permission to all of your employees. Most CMS allow you to assign important web roles to your employees. You can make them an admin, moderator, contributor etc.

Thanks to restricted access, you are much safer in terms of better security.

3. SEO Friendliness

CMS platforms are SEO friendly. These platforms are designed, keeping in view of search engine algorithms and so they generate SEO favorable results. Adjustable URLs, custom page titles and helper plugins are available for smooth SEO. Get consultation from a professional SEO freelancer to get to know more about the SEO issues.


1. Security Risks

Although CMS have basic security levels, however some high-profile hackers may hack them. To improve security, web design firm recommend the usage of two-way authentication.

2. Difficult to Get Desired Work Done

CMS is like an advanced battleship. It has a lot of functions and so it requires skillset of a master web design firm. If you don’t get a quality web design firm for your website development, you won’t get the same practical result, which lies in your creativity.

3. Top Content Management System

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the three most used CMS all over the world. The best among top three is WordPress considering it has a rich plugin library of greater than 50,000 WP plugins and an ocean of free and premium templates, which make your website very appealing. The other two platforms although are very good, they are not as extensively used as WordPress.

CMS Pricing

Get a good web design firm to set up your content management system. If you desire a customize template for your website, companies charge from $300 – $1000. The cost range varies from company – company and depends upon used functions such as moving logos or adding header images etc.

A complete website design may cost you $5000 – $10,000. Instead of worrying about numerous payments of CMS fees and dealing with constant headaches of domain renewals and registrations, spending one-time budget on a top web design company saves you from stress and gets the job done of setting up a successful CMS for your website.