8 Best Online PDF Editors


1. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF editor starts by standing at the top. It is basically one of those PDF editors, few in number that actually allows you to edit the text that pre-exists, without adding a watermark. Normally what happens is, that with other PDF editors, they allow you to edit only the text that you have added. But on the same hand will throw watermarks all over the place.

2. InkScape

Another one on the list is Inkscape. Inkscape has made itself quite popular and famous amongst its users due to it being both free and an excellent viewer and editor. It also includes editing functions, which normally is provided by PDF editors in their paid versions. It is a bit advanced as compared to Adobe Photoshop etc. so if you are already not familiar with that software, this one might come with a bit of complexity to it. It is worth mentioning, that do not consider Inkscape if you only want to edit, delete text or images in PDF.

3. PDFescape Online PDF Editor

PDFescape online editor is good if your editing does not exceed 100 pages or 10MB. Until then it is completely free. It boasts many features, but it will not let you add any text or edit images on the other hand. It will only allow you to add your own text etc. PDFescape lets you rotate pages, crop parts of pages and reorganize the order of the pages with so many additional features to offer.

4. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-Xchange has almost everything free. However, if you use non-free features, it will save your file to the computer with watermarks all over. If you stick to free features, then you can get away from watermarks and save the file without them on your computer. You can upload your files from computer, URL or Google Drive and after editing save them back to your cloud storage even if you want.

5. Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Smallpdf will provide you the quickest ways to add texts, shapes, images or even your signature to a PDF file. The editor will allow you to make changes and save the file back to your computer without having to make any accounts or paying for Anti-watermarking features. It also allows uploading from and saving to Google Drive or dropping box in addition to your computer.

6. FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor

FormSwift is a very simple platform for you to edit your PDF files free. It does not require you to make any accounts. It is as simple as uploading your document and using the menus to edit your PDF file before saving it back to your computer. It also allows you to edit PDFs from your phone by simply taking a picture of the document.

7. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement is free but it has something to it that you will not like. Watermark on every page! It is no, right? However, hold on, the watermark does not occupy that much of space and it offers plenty of great editing features. It would be a great free editor if it were not for the watermarks on every page. It all depends on what you use it for, it does provide great features with the consideration of living with watermarks.

8. Online Editors

If you don’t want to install an editor on your system, you can use a PDF editor online tool.

Why use them?

Most of these PDF editor online tools are websites with the capability of editing files, so you can edit your PDF on them just like you edit a Word file on Google Docs.