7 Eco-Friendly Home Additions You Should Consider


1. Use Solar Energy

Are you the person who hates going out in the sun just because you unlike the whole world hate sun baths? Or just because sun’s UV rays affect your skin real quick? But my friend the same sun’s scorching hot rays can be used to create energy to run your house and this way although you will have to pay a handsome one-time installation cost of the solar panel in the long term, your electricity bill will be reduced a lot. Moreover, the solar panel in some cases also saves the extra energy made and sells it to the energy company. Cool right? And this is not it, in some countries you also get rebates for going green and installing solar panels. Sounds good?

2. Replace Current Incandescent Light Bulbs

I know you had never thought that even those small bulbs installed in a large quantity around your house could be an energy waster. But unfortunately, they are. Many junk trash removal Austin services recommend that it’s better you get rid of them and save energy by installing LED bulbs. These bulbs are more durable and reduce your energy consumption.

3. Make the Most of Natural Lighting

Use domes which are a skylight in your home. They not only save energy by using natural light to come in and brighten up the place but also look super amazing and pretty but just make sure you ask your designer about the right place to install it.

4. Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Hardwood flooring options are usually loved by everyone and they are the number one choice of everyone whenever considering a renovation. But let’s pay a closer look to them. These hardwood floors are made out of trees like oak trees and maple trees and many other trees that take so many years to grow and finally reach a certain level just so that the floor making companies cut them and we use them as our flooring. Don’t you think it’s wrong? I mean are we not the one who is supposed to take care of our land, our planet? Our mother earth? So why not use eco-friendly flooring options like bamboo flooring? Cork flooring? Which grow very fast or maybe just choose Brazilian cherry flooring which is a little heavy on the pocket but this engineered wood is made from 3-ply construction using formaldehyde-free adhesives. Plus it’s more solid and firm than oak.

5. Reduce VOC Level When Choosing Paints

VOC greatly pollutes the air so how about switching to low VOC paints which will kill two birds with one stone? Like it will save the environment along with serve your purpose to paint the house.

6. Save Water save The Planet

Water shortages today are the talk of the town and yes we are running out of clean water and so we need to stop wasting it. We need to focus on conserving water and the best thing we could do is stop wasting tons of water in flushing. So install low flush or low flow toilets right away and be a responsible citizen.

7. Remove Junk Responsibly

This is not a home addition tip, but it is an important tip anyways. It’s our responsibility to remove junk in the best way possible like through a junk trash removal Austin service so that they can recycle stuff. Many people have to do nothing than just appointing any junk trash removal Austin Texas service for that and that way they will be contributing to the environment.