6 Things You Can Do To Maintain Furniture


Quality furniture, especially wooden furniture, is mostly a rarity and pretty expensive to get your hands on. Going the extra mile to nurture and care for your furniture definitely pays off in the long run. Keep reading for ways to maintain your furniture for years to come.

1. Dust Frequently

Maintaining a cleanliness routine for your furniture on a daily basis is quite the task, but taking the time out to dust your furniture pieces, whether wood or non-wood items, can make all the difference. Dusting frequently also eliminates the buildup of dust and debris and gives the impression of a well-kempt living space without trying too hard. Make sure to use a dry, soft cotton or fiber cloth to gently remove dust, nothing too harsh and chemical-based.

2. Avoid Sunlight

Prolonged exposure of direct sunlight can age your precious wooden key pieces in no time. It can result in the process of spotting, which is the appearance of dark and faded patches within the layers of wood. Try drawing the curtains to eliminate sun exposure in the living room if you have large and wide-faced windows that face the sun directly. Similarly, you can use a tablecloth to cover your vintage dining set if the room is brightly lit.

3. We Recommend Polishing

For every wooden furniture enthusiast, polishing is an absolute must, that’s why furniture experts recommend polishing your wooden pieces once in every 6 months with a dry, soft lint-free cotton cloth in the direction of the grain to attain that high-gloss finish and keep your furniture looking brand new.

4. Be Mindful of Extreme Temperatures

Hosting a dinner, and serving hot tea and ice-cold cocktails to your guests? Sounds lavish for the guests but not so much for the wood health. Exposing your precious wooden furniture to extremes of temperatures can result in fading and distortion of the wooden framework on the molecular level. We aren’t stopping you from hosting your parties, just limit the exposure and the time interval between the exposures. That’s it.

5. Oil and Wax Regularly

Another cost-effective substitute to polishing is applying oil and wax to your wooden pieces. Oil and waxes act as excellent lubricants and leave your furniture glistening similar to polish. Because of the complex lipid structure, oils and waxes serve as a protective barrier on your furniture from various liquids. We recommend oiling your wooden pieces once every three months at the minimum.

6. Aging Is Just Natural

You can care and maintain your key pieces, and they would still age as time progresses. That’s why it’s so important to research the natural aging process of the wood in consideration before taking the plunge. Some woods get darker with time, others lighten up as the year’s pass. Be mindful and embrace the natural aging process.

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There you have it, folks! A comprehensive guide to maintaining your key wooden pieces so you can enjoy your hard-earned lucrative investment for years to come.