6 Things That Will Make Your Summer More Eco-Friendly


1. Use a Reusable Water Bottle

The use of water is enhanced in the summers and you have to take water bottles with you all the time. Using plastic bottles decrease recycling and it isn’t eco-friendly either. Plastic bottles are made by fossil fuels which also have a byproduct of gas emission that destroys the environment. Switching to reusable and recycled water bottles will save our earth for a greener and safer environment. There are many materials that are recycled, you can look it up on the internet. Also if you have a lot of bottles and other recyclable junk, hire a junk removal Miami service to remove and recycle it.

2. Use a Bike for Transport

The means of transport also plays a role in making or breaking our ecosystem. Vehicular transport that uses motors and runs on fuel has a negative impact on the environment as they emit gas and toxic pollutants. Summer is a great time to be out in the sun and enjoy the fresh breeze and mostly a perfect day for cycling and also they are the eco-friendliest and healthy way to travel from one place to another. If you have a long journey, electronic bikes are also available that use battery and have much less energy output that is given by a car.

3. Ecofriendly Festivals

When summers come around, the festivals and parties roll out as well. These parties may be fun but they are also a source of pollution to the earth. Many numbers of people drop their litter on to the ground wherever they like, leaving the area polluted and damaged. Festivals need to increase the measures for keeping the area clean and sustainable for earth, like providing enough dustbins, providing foods in recyclable plates. Even as the audience, you need to make sure you follow the proper protocols to support the cause.

4. Make Food At Home

Studies have proven that more than 80% of Americans go out to have their meals at least 5 times a week. This is a serious problem as the more you eat from outdoor vendors, the more likely the ecosystem is being damaged. Processed food takes up a lot of water approx. 2500 gallon is required to process one pound of beef so that’s why switching to homemade food will not only be ecological but also economical and healthier in both ways.

5. Try Not To Use Straws

Though they may seem small and insignificant, straws are made of plastic and counts as synthetic waste that destroys our land. You must ditch the straw unless you need one. Some major companies have also stopped the use of stuff made out of plastic like plastic bags, plastic bottles and of course plastic straws. You can use it if you really want it or you can get reusable ones that are made out of steel or silicone that will last for a longer time.

6. Use Windows for Cooling

You may be tempted to use the air conditioner in summers whenever you walk into your house but the role of windows in your house can be much more effective. Cross ventilation can make fresh air come in and decrease pollution by air conditioners. Use insulating curtains to control the temperature of the house.

To keep your house cool and spacy, it’s better to clean it up and declutter. Also, when there is unnecessary stuff that you want to get rid of, don’t throw it off. Use a junk removal Miami service to remove it responsibly.

Most south Florida junk removal companies are skilled in hauling and recycling stuff and to put them into better use instead of waste. That’s why using a junk removal service is better for our environment.