6 Meditation Apps You Should Try


Want to keep calm and be mindful with meditation? Use these apps with your best phone plans.

1. Headspace

It is the most trending and worldwide used app for all Android and iPhone users which is considered to be ideal for starting your mediation schedule. Its sessions offer hundreds of guided meditation tracks that exactly suit your body and bring it back on track easily. If you are a beginner, then this is the best option to go for where you get ten exercises in a free trial while also making you realize the need for meditation in your regular life. You can see your progress while also get rewards on achieving something or continuing practice for a long time.

2. Calm

One of the best apps to help you staying calm and throw away the anxiety and depression with mind blowing sessions. Also, you can choose the timings of your sessions as well which range from three minutes to thirty-five minutes. The varying topics covers everything that one could be needing and you can choose any as per your mind selection. Progress trackers and beginner programs are the best features to go for this app.

3. Insight Timer

This app considered to be like a Guru for meditation apps as you would find the most experienced mindfulness teachers on it delivering some amazing sessions. The best part is that it offers more than 11K free guided sessions of varying length or you can just set timer and sit without any guidance as well. You also get rewarded with badges on achieving milestones which motivate you to come back again and practice meditating for your own well-being.

4. Smiling Mind

If you want your children to practice meditation at young age, then it is a best option to get them attracted towards this peaceful mind game. It has the tailoring option to cut sessions as per the different age groups starting from seven years of age. You can even make accounts of different family members so everyone can open up their account and practice their meditation as per their choice. In fact, many teachers in schools are encouraged to use this app for making students learn about meditation and practice it in their lives. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, look for best phone plans and buy the phone you need.

5. Stop, Breathe and Think

You will get more than 55 guided sessions in this app to keep yourself fit with a peaceful mind to enjoy this beautiful life. You would find different topics for sessions and can also alter the sound and music playing behind sessions as per your choice to feel more relaxed. You would get even more customized options if you go for premium subscription.

6. 10% Happier

It is for people who are still confused to include meditation in their daily life or no. It provides very easy guided sessions with making the process very simple that may convince you enough for practicing meditation. Most of the exercises in this app are greatly helpful for anxiety and sleep issues while you would also see new content every week here. You can also go for simpler version in beginning which is free of cost and have some amazing meditation options.

You should have a better smartphone with best home phone and internet plans and start meditating!