6 House Decor Rules You Should Break


1. Using Only One Color Paint

We often stick to this rule made by us only where we believe that we should only stick to having our room painted in one color like each color should define one room and that color should be painted all across that room. However, I believe it’s a very boring thing to do. Why do what everyone does? How about moving away from the ordinary and acting a bit creative by mixing different colors in your room. A darker color wall behind your bed and light color on other walls seems pretty cute and an amazing idea for your bedroom. Also you can paint black and white stripes on your wall to make it look creative and different.

2. Use Small Sized Furniture If the Room Space Is Small

We often believe that if the room isn’t very big then we should fill it with small furniture because otherwise it will look very congested and with small furniture it will look spacious. However, this perception doesn’t really make sense like what makes you think that if you fill your room with a number of small furniture items that are overflowing, it will make the room look spacious but if you place only a few like 2-3 large items in the room it will make it look congested. I think a few items that are exclusive and large wouldn’t really jam pack the place.

3. Couches Are a Fit for the Living Room

Who said that couches are just for the living room? Like do you have any idea how comfortable and soft they are and don’t all comfortable things belong in your bedroom where you can always be yourself and do whatever you want and wear whatever you like? So placing couches in your bedroom is definitely a million-dollar idea.

4. Furniture Should Be of One Style Only

It very commonly said that you can never mix old and new furniture together and if you are considering any renovations then you should always replace your old stuff completely. However, I don’t really think that makes any sense like you can always mix different color palettes in your room for instance don’t you think that a cane swing chair fits pretty well in your living room even if your rocking chair is black and your TV rack is also black? So, if that can fit then why can’t different colored furniture go together?

5. Rugs Are a Must for Every Room

Rugs are considered room separators; it’s said that they give each room a different identity. It’s somewhat true but that really doesn’t mean that they are a complete compulsion for any room. You can always use different things to serve that purpose like frames, lighting and wallpapers, and decorative arts.

6. Ceilings Should Always Be White

If they are above your head that really doesn’t mean that you can neglect it. I mean you should definitely consider making your ceilings interesting and not boring white.

So, keep breaking room in home decor and decorative arts. Also, don’t hesitate to buy any sort of decorative arts whether are antique, modern or contemporary. They will fit in.