5 Top Reasons You Need To Try Hemp Seed Products


Hemp seed oil is one of nature’s finest gifts for our skin health. Unlike CBD, derived from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant, hemp seed oil or natural body care hemp seed lotion is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis Sativa plant.

The following are the top five reasons to test hemp seed oil products:

#1. Essential Fatty Acids Are Found In Hemp Lotion

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ. It’s just as crucial to look after your exterior as it is to look after your inside. That means using the finest components possible to get the best outcomes.

Omega fatty acids, commonly known as essential fatty acids or EFAs, are found in hemp lotion. It’s needed by the human body for optimum health but cannot produce independently. As a result, humans must get EFAs from outside sources to be healthy.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are both present in hemp lotion (Gamma-Linoleic acid). These essential fatty acids are often linked with fish oil and may also be found in it. However, EFAs produced from hemp seed oil are much safer than fish oil, posing no risk of mercury or other pollutants.

#2. Vitamins & Minerals Are Found In Hemp Lotion

While the EFAs are beneficial, they aren’t the sole benefits of hemp seed lotion. Hemp seeds also include various phytonutrients, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Zinc.

#3. Hemp Lotion Relieves Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Both psoriasis and eczema are itchy and painful skin diseases. Psoriasis develops when skin cells divide and expand faster than usual; hemp oil inhibits this process.

The hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that help to relieve skin irritation. Hemp shampoo and conditioner include the same chemicals that help treat painful and itchy scalp problems, similar to how hemp lotion heals and restores skin damage.

#4. Hemp Lotion Is Both Vegan & Organic.

Organic and cruelty-free goods are becoming more popular. These buying choices are based on science. While more lotion businesses are using hemp oil in their products, the majority still use non-organic chemicals that contain drying agents. These substances are dangerous to humans, pets, and the environment. Hemp seed oil provides –

  • Clearer Skin: Petroleum and non-organic chemicals in body and hair care products cause allergic responses in many individuals. Hemp lotions are devoid of allergens.
  • Better Smell: Your lotion, like you, will smell better due to the natural components.

#5. It’s Legal to Use Hemp Lotion

While medicinal marijuana is allowed in certain places only, agricultural hemp and its derivatives were declared legal in all 50 states in 1996.

Is there a difference between marijuana and hemp? No. Hemp is cultivated mainly for fiber that is used in building, rope, clothing, fuel, food, medications, oils, and topical ointments, among other things. There are approximately 25,000 potential applications for agricultural hemp!

The resinous glands that cause intoxication are absent in agricultural hemp. You won’t fail a drug test by consuming or eating hemp products, so don’t worry.