5 Reasons Why Payment Orchestration Is More Optimized Than Payment Gateways


One of the new systems in digital payments are payment orchestration platforms. Orchestration means the arrangement of anything in a proper way. And then payment orchestration means the arrangement of money in the most optimized way. Payment orchestration platforms are the new big shot in the case of electronic money transactions.

Money orchestration mainly brings up all the possible mediums and channels the money through the best-optimized way. Through this, the conversion rate also increases. As transactions can not only be done through money, they can also be done by the crypto exchange. Here we gave why payment orchestration is more optimized than gateway systems. Stay with us before you look for “International payments solutions”.

#1. Total Control

Through payment gateway systems, you can’t track or control where your money is going. Your money can go anywhere to anyone; you will only know the receiver that will receive the money. How is that money channeling? You won’t know that.

Furthermore, through payment orchestration, you can control how your transaction will happen. May it be through wallet transfer or bank to bank transactions? Payment orchestration is also much easier than gateway systems

#2. Most Secure Transaction

Payment orchestration systems give you the best security you can get. Trust is necessary within customers; without proper trust, you will not get any customers. So, when your customers find a reliable source, they can trust the platform blindly.

Payment orchestration platforms are highly reliable and give the customers the best security they need. Security is tighter as you have total control over where your money lands. And also, there is end-to-end encryption for good steps of protection. Other than gateways where scam risks are high

#3. Optimized Routing

Optimization is necessary for transactions. Gateways route money mainly through credit card systems. So, you won’t have any more options which are feasible in local areas. Routing of money is necessary if you are doing big deals and transactions. Bulk product payments are not effective in gateway services.

Here comes payment orchestration. Through payment orchestration, you can get the most optimized route for your money transactions. An optimization is done based on your preferences, and also the security of orchestration is highly efficient and effective in case. You can do payment orchestration with international services too. Providing you with a lot of options on the way.

#4. Multiple Variations

Options are one of the best attributes of payment orchestration. Variations of mediums are seen in these platforms. And also, you can choose from multiple options.

For instance, if you don’t have a credit card, you can transfer your money through bank-to-bank systems. Again, if you don’t have bank accounts, you can transact your money through various cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, gateways are deprived of these facilities.

#5. Dynamic Conversion Rates

One of the colorful and handy features you will get from payment orchestration is mobile conversion rates. Rates of your currency can increase and decrease through terms and situations.

So, if you buy a product, you can pay the bill with your low-rate transaction system. This system falls under the optimization system.