5 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Crystal Pyramids


A pyramid is a holy mathematical form that gathers energy from the cosmos and brings it down to humans. This is why Egypt’s pyramids produce such a powerful energy vortex. There are other reports of large pyramid constructions concealed in the Amazon rain forest.

Working with pyramids for healing and lifestyle enhancement has produced excellent outcomes for many individuals today. However, before you buy crystal pyramids, you should know about everything about it.

What Is the Healing Power of Pyramids?

The strong therapeutic effect of preservation is well-known in pyramids. The Egyptian pyramids were built to house the mummies of ancient rulers. Items put within a metrically correct pyramid will survive far longer than they would otherwise.

The practice of arranging food and drink in a pyramid is becoming more popular. You may get similar effects by putting crystal pyramids in your water or refrigerator.

What Would It Be Like to Hold a Crystal Pyramid?

The sensation of holding a pyramid is both powerful and energizing. It’s spinning an energy vortex in your palm that travels down your physical body and around your aura. It essentially directs the knowledge and healing of the Universe to the tips of your fingers.

A tingling feeling in the hands or all over the body has been reported by some individuals. Others may acquire a hazy state of consciousness that aids them in entering a light trance. They can escape their ego and ideas while in this trance.

I’m Not Sure Which Crystal Pyramid Healing Stone I’ll Need.

A crystal healing pyramid may be chosen in two ways.

To begin, trust your instincts and gather the items that speak to you. This is determined by your subconscious, which will guide you to precisely what you need. You may go through the Pyramid Collection online to discover which crystal pictures appeal to you the most.

Another method to choose is by healing property. Different gems will assist you in achieving your objectives, depending on what you want to bring into your life. Remember that all crystals contain the Pyramid Power of healing, and the kind of stone is simply a bonus. In this case, you can also buy crystals online easily.

What Is an Orgone Pyramid?

Another common therapeutic technique is orgone pyramids. The pyramid is made from quartz and other crystals enclosed in resin and metal. This combination of stones and materials is said to harness the pyramid’s power while also deflecting electromagnetic interference.

Because of the extensive usage of fiberglass resin, we are concerned that Orgone pyramids are not as natural as crystals. You may, however, build your own Orgone Pyramid.

Was a Crystal Pyramid Discovered in The Bermuda Triangle?

A crystal quartz pyramid was said to have been discovered under the Bermuda Triangle’s seas. The disappearance of boats and paranormal activity were thought to be linked to the pyramid. Others claim that this gem came from Atlantis, the lost land.

Scientists, on the other hand, do not support these claims. It may be all a big fake. What do you think about it?